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Revolutionary Absorbent Bathroom Mat

Revolutionary Absorbent Bathroom Mat

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"As a busy mom, I have 4 kids and each of them has to take a shower every day. After all, my bathroom looks like a 'Mediterranean sea' and it¡¯s super annoying. Neither placing a towel on the floor, nor dozens of my old bath mats helped. I thought there is never going to be a way to solve this problem. But thankfully I found Authentic Decor when browsing for a new bath mat. It completely changed my life and saved me so much time every day, plus it also keeps my bathroom very modern, comfortable, and mold-safe. I would definitely recommend it to someone who is tired of cleaning your bathroom every day."

.......... - Hannah S.
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Wet floors can be dangerously slippery and as a result, fall accidents can occur after taking a shower or a bath. Furthermore, the spilled water on the floor can begin the mold-growth process, which can ruin the look and feel of the bathroom. The long-term consequences of this could result in exponential mold growth, which can be very costly to remove.
The BathShield. is a revolutionary mat that protects the bathroom floor from spilled water by instantly absorbing drops from the body when exiting the tub or shower. The 4-layered design ensures that it dries quickly, preventing the mold growth process and unwanted accidents. Experience the ultimate convenience and peace of mind knowing that the bathroom is safe from slippery floors and mold.


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6 Reasons Why.The.BathShield. Will Change Your Life


. Protects Feet & Floor: The BathShield. uses.water absorption technology that instantly absorbs any water that drips off the body when exiting the shower or tub. Experience the joy of hassle-free cleanliness of the bathroom, while protecting the feet and floor from spilled water.

. Scent & Mold-Proof: The BathShield. features a revolutionary 4-layered design, which allows water to dry up to 5 times faster. This prevents the mold from growing in the bathroom while keeping bad odors at bay.

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. Comfortable & Skin-Friendly: The BathShield. top layer is made out of kappa leather material that is very pleasant for the skin. This ensures the most comfortable stepping experience for the entire family.

. Modern Design: Thanks to the revolutionary 2022 design, the BathShield. combines both style and functionality. Impress friends and family with the modern look of the bathroom, while improving cleanliness and convenience.




. Anti-Slip Backing: For added convenience and safety, the back layer of the BathShield. mat is made out of anti-skid rubber. Feel the ultimate confidence stepping on the floor after a shower or bath, knowing that it's always safe and secure.

..Easy To Clean &.Dirt Resistant:.The surface of the designed to resist dirt and hair that accidentally appears on the mat. This makes cleaning the bathroom mat a breeze, as it.prevents the need to physically remove the dirt.


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At Authentic Decor, we understand how painful it can be to accidentally slip on a wet surface, especially when all your family members are at risk. Besides the pain from unwanted accidents, it can also be very frustrating to realize that the mold inside your bathroom has grown exponentially. According to a recent study, the cost of removing fungus from the floor starts from $350 and can go up to $1,500.

With the BathShield., take a deep breath and sigh with relief to no longer slip on a wet surface or worry about mold growing on your bathroom floor. It`s more than just a bath mat, it`s an instant peace of mind for the entire family, that also protects the look and feel of your bathroom. Keep the bathroom floor safe and clean, while saving time and energy for the things you enjoy.


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Product Specification

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

Size: Width*Length:

S: 40*60cm/15.7*23.6 inches

M: 50*80cm/19.7*31.5 inches..

Weight: 1.48 pounds.. / 670 grams

Thickness:.0.5 Inch /.1.25 CM

Color: Blue / Green / Grey / Dark Grey

Pattern:.Rectangle / Oval

Packaging:.x1 BathShield. mat

Maintenance: it can be washed by hand or with a washing machine. Note - the water temperature should not be more than.30 ¡æ.


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At Authentic Decor we believe in the quality and results of our products, therefore we offer a 90 Days Money-Back Guarantee! When you purchase from us, there is absolutely ZERO risk for you!


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